World Nutrition is the journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA). World Nutrition aims to provide content of value to nutritionists, dieticians, health workers, agricultural specialists, social scientists, students, food writers, social movement professionals, journalists, and others interested in public health nutrition or community nutrition. It is global in scope, presenting content of general interest as well as content specific to low-income or high-income settings. Its content includes editorials, literature reviews, commentaries, book reviews, and letters to the editor. It does not aim to publish original research at this time. 

Journal authors and editors discuss and debate how best to shape policies and programs that impact nutrition in ways that protect the human species, the living and physical world, and the biosphere, now and in the future. Nutrition is understood as a social, political, and biological science, and as a human right.

Any costs for the journal are fully born by the WPHNA from membership fees. The Editor-in-Chief as well as all other editors, reviewers, and others who assist with the journal (with the exception of short-term web designers and programmers) are unpaid volunteers. 

World Nutrition is an open access journal, with no publication charges to contributors, and all content available to readers at no cost. Authors retain all copyrights to their materials.

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Neither the association nor the journal accept funds or other conflicts of interest with companies producing products that may compromise public health. Authors and reviewers are offered additional information about the journal's CoI policies, which they are urged to read.